Vic Bathrooms is a Melbourne based renovation company, that specializes in Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry Renovations. We are your total Renovations solution, we offer a personalized service which designing your Bathroom and Kitchen from scratch, through the construction stage, until hand over.

With the latest designing software, Vic bathrooms offer our customers a 3D plan for proposed Renovations, providing our customer a vision you can really see, which make our customers even feel more confident with the Renovations.

Following a transparent and easy to understand process, Vic bathrooms will manage and supervise our trades team everyday until completion.

Re-imagine Your Bathrooms in Melbourne with Our Renovation Team

Renovating your bathrooms in Melbourne doesn’t have to be a huge, time-consuming process. When you team up with Vic Bathrooms for your renovation project, you can count on us to work quickly and to a very high standard of quality. In no time, you’ll be enjoying an impressive new master bathroom or laundry.

What Sets Vic Bathrooms Apart Regarding Small or Large Bathroom Renovations in Melbourne

Whether you are planning small or large bathroom renovations in Melbourne, Vic Bathrooms has the knowledge, experience and team necessary to deliver a finished product that matches what you have envisioned. Here are a few factors that set us apart from other bathroom renovation companies in the area:

  • Our speed. Usually, people here the word ‘renovation’ and imagine a multi-month process. That’s not the case with our team. We work quickly, recognizing the fact that no homeowner wants to be without the use of one of their home’s two or three bathrooms for any longer than necessary. In most cases, we can provide a rapid turnaround of just three to four week

  • Our warranty. Even small bathroom renovations in Melbourne can be costly. It’s an investment no homeowner makes lightly, and one that you want to be confident in if you do choose to pull the trigger. Allow us to ease your mind with a five-year warranty on any products or services supplied by us

  • Our passion. We love working with our customers to understand their vision. We love seeing the looks on their faces when they see their completed bathrooms for the first time. Our passion informs everything we do and makes our business a true labour of love for everyone involved.


In addition to bathrooms, know that we also love working on kitchen remodels and smart kitchen designs!

Trends about Bathrooms in Melbourne That You Should Know

Bathroom design trends haven’t shifted as much as kitchen design trends in the past ten years, but they do still tend to change with the times. Here are a few key trends to know about right now:

Monochromatic colour schemes. If you want your bathroom to feel both modern and timeless, a neutral, relatively monochromatic colour scheme is a good idea. All-white master bathrooms, for instance—white flooring, white fixtures, white tile or marble—have a luxurious feel that won’t soon go out of style.

  • Creative vanity placement. Sure, the vanity usually ends up right in front of the mirror, which is ideal in master bathrooms for purposes such as shaving or makeup application. In your powder room, though, consider getting innovative with your vanity placement. A popular option in 2019 is putting the vanity right in front of a window—especially if there is a great view to be had from your bathroom.

  • Concrete elements. Concrete is making a comeback throughout the architectural world, not just in bathroom design. Polished concrete floors or walls can look incredible in bathroom design—especially if you can incorporate a pop of colour with a beautiful tile splashback.

About Vic Bathrooms

Vic Bathrooms is an established local business that comes with ample experience in the art of kitchen and bathroom renovations and our hustle as businesspeople makes us exceptionally fast and efficient. If you are interested in speaking with us about renovating one or more of your bathrooms in Melbourne, get in touch today.

Our location

We come out to the customers' property after making an appointment and discuss the Renovation project on site.  The advantage to organize a site consultation with the customers, not only Vic bathrooms staff can do the measurement, take some photos to assist completing our quotation, also we can customize the project and propose something unique and stunning.

Our showroom in Clayton is available for appointment. you can see the high standard finish fittings, fixtures and samples over there.