Complete Bathroom Renovations

A stress free Bathroom Renovation Experience from Start to Finish.

Bathroom Renovations Melbourne

When customers are planning a home renovation project. we often to see the contractor can only do certain things. Some can do tiling, another can do plumbing , the other can do demolition work.  Not only the time you spend on finding the trademen, but also it is difficult to guarantee the work is done in a professional way, show up on time refer to your schedule , 


At Vic Bathrooms , we offer you a Complete Bathroom Renovation package and we guarantee it is a satisfactory experience to work with us.


Why choose us?


1 . We are professional and experienced bathroom renovators , bathroom renovations is not like you hire someone do the work only, you need someone understand how to design and build a bathroom. Not only that ,we also set up a time schedule prior of start , we follow up step by step to achieve the goal.


2. Previous experiences : we have completed more than 100 completed bathroom renovations as a contractor & subcontractor in the past.


3. Timeframe : We guarantee start to finish at agreed timeframe to minimize the disruption to your daily lives.


Our Price :


We offer a competitive price for complete bathroom renovations,


Supply and install from $15,000+ only .

Labour only from $10,000+ only.


Not only we can design a fancy bathroom, but also we have some basic packages suits everyone's budget. 


Our scheme :


  • Site quota

  1. ​We meet with client on site accrording to their schedule

  2. We listen to client and understand their demands

  3. A written quotation to be presented to client within 72 hours 


  • Pre-start

  1. We confirm with client about cost , all fitting & fixture and time frame

  2. A contract to be signed by both parties


  • Demolition 

  1. ​​We deliver skip bin on site

  2. We deliver all products and materials on site

  3. Demolition team come in to remove all fittings & fixtures


  • Construction stage 

  1. Plumbing and electical work rough in

  2. Structure work - build new partition wall and gyprock 

  3. Plastering 

  4. Waterproofing wet area - refer to Gripset 

  5. Experienced tiler come in on site to finish tiling work

  6. Piping and Plumbing fitting

  7. Electrical installation

  8. Painting 

  9. Stylish Vanity supply and installation

  10. Custom made shower screen supply and installation 

  • Final stage

  1. Final inspection 

  2. Professional cleaning 

  3. Provide written warranty once account is finalized


Please call us on 1300 452 107 or quote online , we are more than happy to have discussion about your next renovation project.