Complete Kitchen Renovations

Cook like a chelf in your amazing new kitchen

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Few places in your home allow as much room for dramatic change as your kitchen. Is an old kitchen making you work harder than necessary, or would you just like a flesh new look? Kitchen renovations can take the stress out of your kitchen design and deliver a room you will instantly fall in love with.

What steps we can improve your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and you deserve a design that will bring your joy every time you enter it.

  1. Kitchen layout: we will propose your the best layout for your kitchen for your consideration ,whether it is L-shape, U-shape, I-shape and something unique. Design a wider walkways, cooking and cleanup area can be a mind change when you have a large family.

  2. Kitchen functionality: eliminate wasted steps is important, think about how and where you use items. there is different ways of solution how you can improve your kitchen functionality, simply adding a overhead cabinet, convert cabinet to pullout drawer, open shelf etc; adding a pullout breakfast counter or make a new island counter with cabinet etc.

  3. fitting and fixture selections:

  • Floor finish: ceramic or porcelain tiles ,wood or vinyl flooring. they all have their own shares of advantage and disadvantage, so we will discuss that throughout the consultation

  • Counter tops & cabinet material selection and color finish: there is nothing in kitchen will draw eyes attention faster than exquisite countertops and cabinet. options of countertop can be laminate, natural wood or stone if you have the budget on plan.of course cabinet storage is crucial when you take about daily and family use .

  • Appliances selection: choose the right appliances not only give you the look, also more energy-efficient in the long run.

  • Lighting: you may be astounded at how important lighting is. yes ,one fabulous fixture over the kitchen table may be lovely to behold, but you should also want to have functional lighting over your work and cleanup area as a whole .

There is much more knowledge we can share with you about kitchen renovations. Looking for your  kitchen facelift, check our Kitchen Renovations Package what we can offer you.

Kitchen Renovations Process

Kitchen renovations can be a big or headache job, Vic bathroom is here to help you relax and stress free, From kitchen design; submit the quotation, kitchen 3D design and layout for your approval, make custom made order for your personalized cabinetry, organize licensed and experienced plumbers, electrician and installers. Vic bathrooms is here to do it all for your flawlessly