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Home Renovations Melbourne

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Give Your House a Makeover with Home Renovations in Melbourne

If your kitchen or bathrooms are starting to look dated, then you should consider home renovations in Melbourne. There are many reasons that people turn to renovation specialists to take their current structure and transform it into something new. The most important reason is that it’s your home and you deserve the best.

Tips for Planning House Renovations in Melbourne

If you’ve been considering home renovations for some time, you may be concerned about the process. Fortunately, Vic Bathrooms makes it easy to take your renovation from merely a hope to a concrete reality.

Work with a contractor that can take what you have and develop a plan that both suits your personal style and flows well with the rest of your home. Vic Bathrooms uses 3D modelling to let you virtually tour your new kitchen and bathroom even before the project begins.

Anticipate that it may take some time to complete the project. The team at Vic Bathrooms works swiftly, but it’s important not to rush the project. Nevertheless, we have an industry-leading 3-4 week turnaround time for our projects and will have you enjoying your new kitchen before you know it.

All our work comes with a 5-year warranty so that you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your new kitchen is protected against faulty materials or building errors. We’re confident in the work we do, so we believe you should have that guarantee.

Our team doesn’t subcontract to other people, so the people you speak to at our first meeting are the same ones who will be completing your home renovation. We also receive our cabinets and stone directly from the manufacturers, so you’re getting high-quality materials at the right price.

Signs You Should Invest in Renovations in Melbourne

Several situations inspire homeowners to seek a home makeover:

  • You’re preparing the house for sale and want to impress potential buyers. Perhaps your real estate agent has described how much of an impact a new kitchen and bathroom will make. Home renovations are ideal for making a positive impact.

  • You’d like to increase your home’s value for the future, especially if it’s a recent purchase. After all, you’ll be living here for years to come, so why not enjoy it?

  • Your outdated kitchen or bathrooms are getting in the way of enjoying your home. Most people seek house remodelling simply because they want to enjoy their homes more fully.

Despite there being many different reasons why people seek home remodelling, the result is that many turn to Vic Bathrooms to provide exceptional service and a creative approach.

What Makes Vic Bathrooms Reputable Renovation Specialists in Melbourne?

The biggest thing that speaks to our quality as renovators is the track record of success we have with our clients. We believe in providing a reliable service with a personal touch. We strive to make sure you comfortable both with the kind of service we provide and in the renovated spaces in your home. Contact us to book a free quote and start with a consultation to figure out how we can best help you renovate your home.

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