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Your guideline to tiled kitchen splashback

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

One of the first consideration when choosing your kitchen splashback should be the overall style of your kitchen. Overall, tiles have a wide range of selections when you are talking about easy to clean, purchase cost and installation labour cost.

Choosing the right tile splashback.

300*600 tile


Considering the fact whether you would like to make the splashback as a kitchen feature, in another word- stand out; or if you would rather have the tile with the similar tone as your kitchen style while something else take in place as the feature, for example : counter top


Choosing a tile size to suit the scope of the final splashback. Consider the area you want to cover.

It works better with large tiles if you have a big tiled area (small tiles may make the space look busy), my recommendation is dont take the risk ,go with large tiles like 300*600mm ; 600*600mm or even bigger size

Tile options

I have listed some of the popular tile choices on the market, so you can get some ideas.

Mosaic tiles (available in different size,shape and color)

Hexagonal tile (available in different size,color and shape)

Subway tile(available in many size/color/pattern)

Best solution

Get some tile samples from your local tile shop and bring it home with you. meanwhile, do some online research to find out what kind of tile suits your kitchen style best. I am sure it will help you to make the right choice of tile selections.

Need some help for your kitchen renovation ?

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